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Comfortable Cushion Support

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Quick Dry, Easy Cleaning and Storage

Made of 100% non-toxic soft yet durable material, this bath mat set is stylish, easily cleaned and stored. Hanging loop with Velcro fastener for easy storage from either your towel rack or hook.

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Knee and Elbow Protection

Baby bath pad kneeler with thick padding offers the most comfort for your knees and elbows. Bath kneeler and elbow rest will help reduce aches and pains from your knees and elbows and fight fatigue

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Stylish, Innovative and Functional

Especially designed to give plenty of room for the parents to move while the baby enjoys his bath playing with the toys

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Bath Kneeler Set - How to Use


This is a game changer for me and one of my favorite purchases on amazon. The constant and uncomfortable kneeling during bath time always made me dread the task- this is the most comfortable mat for both my knees and elbows, I also bruise very easily, but now won’t have that problem. Very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product design, the grey matches perfect with my bathroom decor. Highly recommend!

Jena Esposito

Our baby has outgrown the sink and it was time to move him to the bathtub. This pad combo is a life saver! Our baby loves taking long baths and these pads provide enough cushioning to kneel by the bathtub without aching knees and elbows. The suction cups hold it in place and the pockets are great to hold some toys.


This kneeler is very comfortable. It's bigger than the blue whale one I had with my first child. The kneeling space is bigger and not as slippery. Also, the elbow cushion is something I never knew existed, but I'm so glad I found. This was an awesome purchase. I'm going to buy one as a gift for a friend of mine who is having a baby.

L. Quevedo